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Norwegian Fish Oil Concentrate

Medicinal grade

Highly Concentrated fish oil with the highest Omega-3 concentration and purity of all products in the industry.

Enhanced with natural TGN extraction technology.

Certified by FDA (USA) and Health Canada.

Capsule: 500 mg

Total Omega-3 fatty acids:

  •  2 capsule a day (  880 mg)
  •  3 capsule a day (1320 mg)

Note: Take with food a few hours before or after taking other medication(s) or natural health products.

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About this Product

Norwegian Fish Oil 

What is Pristine Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil?

It is a premium complete formula for:

  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health
  • Eye Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Mood Health
  • Telomere Health
  • Concentrated fish oil,
  • Gelatin (bovine),
  • Firming agent (glycerin), and
  • Water